New publication on family firm dynasties

How can family businesses remain successful not only over years but over decades? What needs to change from a small, founder-run business to a large and old portfolio of family-influenced firms? And are there any common characteristics of families that managed to build up a dynasty?

Some answers to those questions are included in a new publication of Thomas Zellweger (University of St. Gallen) and myself. In the new – German – booklet, published by the Kirsten Baus Institut, we use a sample of the 100 largest family firms in order to build up a model of long-term value creation in family dynasties.

Link to publication.

Reference: Zellweger, Thomas; Kammerlander, Nadine: Generationenübergreifende Wertgenerierung in Familienunternehmen: Langfriststrategien für Unternehmerfamilien. Schriftenreihe Kirsten Baus Institut, Stuttgart. Heft 25, 2015.