Symposium on family firms in Graz

Keynote on succession
Keynote on succession

I am very delighted to give a keynote speech on “Talent, motivation, or family ties – what really counts in family firm succession” at today’s first ever family firm symposium in Graz.

The keynote can be downloaded following this Link: Symposium-Graz. (German only)

All data shown in the keynote are taken from the following study. KMU-Studie_2013_DE (German version). KMU-Studie_2013_EN (English version).

EIASM Keynote on Deconstructing Boundaries

Some colleagues asked me to share the slides of the keynote I gave yesterday at the 11th EIASM workshop on family firms. Here they are: 2015-EIASM-Keynote-forshare

Application of Porac's work on cognitive communities to the family firm research field
Application of Porac’s work on cognitive communities to the family firm research field

In a nutshell, I made the following points:

  • We should more often apply our own theories (e.g., organizational identity theory, entrepreneurship theory, theory on the cognitive microfoundations of strategy, or theory on organizational ambidexterity) to our own research field – that will help us to better understand what we do, what our “competitive advantage” is and what we might do in future.
  • Boundaries of who we think we are as researchers can substantially limit our contribution and should thus be brought into question frequently.
  • Boundaries of who we think we are also limit how we teach our subject (thanks to the audience for bringing up this point!)
  • Tacit knowledge about “what is possible” is often useful but also holds the danger to really make progress.
  • In particular, the boundaries pushing us to “mono-theoretical studies” limit our understanding of family firms and their value creation (to further read about this topic, see our JFBS article: Link)