Research talk on post-succession change

Research Talk at GGS

Research Talk at GGS


GGS Heilbronn invited me to speak about “stagnation or revolution?” and the drivers (or barriers!) of family firm change after succession. I presented preliminary findings of a joint research project with Stephanie Querbach and Miriam Bird that empirically investigates post-succession innovation and change in several hundreds of Swiss SMEs. If you are interested in the presentation, send me an e-mail.

New book on family firm innovation

Reinhard Prügl (from Zeppelin University) and I are very happy to present our new book on family firm innovation (in German only), published by Springer.


Here is the description of the book, as displayed in the Springer online shop:

Nadine Kammerlander und Reinhard Prügl geben einen prägnanten Überblick über Innovationen in Familienunternehmen und beleuchten den Innovationsprozess von Familienunternehmen in seinen einzelnen Bestandteilen. Dabei werden die Stärken und Schwächen von Familienunternehmen bezüglich Produkt-, Prozess- und Business Model-Innovationen sowie die Chance für Familienunternehmen, ihren Innovationsprozess zu öffnen („Open Innovation“) diskutiert. Besondere Bedeutung kommt dabei auch der Nachfolge in Familienunternehmen zu, die unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen erfolgreich mit Wandel und Innovation verbunden werden kann.

You can order the book via the Springer website: Link

Job opening: Two positions as PhD students/assistants

Are you interested in doing research on entrepreneurship, innovation, or family businesses? Are you smart, motivated, and a good team player? Do you want to learn how to publish papers in top-journals? Do you want to have close contact to practice while doing research? Do you want to live in one of the nicest areas in Germany, located besides a beautiful town (Koblenz) and being close to German metropolises such as Cologne and Frankfurt? … Then apply for one of two open PhD positions! For details, see below. Questions and applications should be directed to nadine.kammerlander [ AT ]



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How can family firms motivate their employees to be innovative?

Employees are a key success factor for innovation – but how to motivate them?

Recent research showed that family firms are, on average, very innovative. But why is that? One reason provided by scholars is that employees in family firms feel especially encouraged to share their innovative ideas and implement them because of the particular “family firm culture.” So far, so good. But some of the readers might  wonder how exactly family firm owner-managers can motivate their employees to contribute to innovation. HSG-student, Johannes Netzhammer aimed to answer this question by integrating literature on family firms, innovation, and motivation. Here comes the summary of his excellent conceptual bachelor thesis (for references to original literature, please request the full text of the thesis):

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Do family businesses lose innovative capacity over time?

Is the succession phase a threat or opportunity for innovation? And, do family firms sufficiently build on external sources of innovation?

These and other questions were discussed in an interactive (“brain walk”) workshop session, moderated by Prof. Reinhard Prügl, and myself at the Friedrichshafener Familienfrühling 2015 (“FFF”). The FFF is a bi-annual, two-day conference organized by the Zeppelin University, targeted at family business owners and managers. Although quite large in size (roughly 200 participants), the atmosphere was amazingly informa, familiar, and cordial.

Interested in the results? Write me an e-mail (nadine.kammerlander [at] or wait for the Springer Essentials book to be launched in summer (in German only).

Hermut Kormann presenting the workshop results
Hermut Kormann presenting the workshop results