Interview on family firm management on YouTube

During the EIASM conference, I was interviewed on family firm management.

The key questions were:

  • How are family firms defined?
  • What are the research challenges regarding family firms?
  • What are the biggest challenges that family firms have to face today?


You can find the full-length YouTube interview with my answers here.

EIASM Keynote on Deconstructing Boundaries

Some colleagues asked me to share the slides of the keynote I gave yesterday at the 11th EIASM workshop on family firms. Here they are: 2015-EIASM-Keynote-forshare

Application of Porac's work on cognitive communities to the family firm research field
Application of Porac’s work on cognitive communities to the family firm research field

In a nutshell, I made the following points:

  • We should more often apply our own theories (e.g., organizational identity theory, entrepreneurship theory, theory on the cognitive microfoundations of strategy, or theory on organizational ambidexterity) to our own research field – that will help us to better understand what we do, what our “competitive advantage” is and what we might do in future.
  • Boundaries of who we think we are as researchers can substantially limit our contribution and should thus be brought into question frequently.
  • Boundaries of who we think we are also limit how we teach our subject (thanks to the audience for bringing up this point!)
  • Tacit knowledge about “what is possible” is often useful but also holds the danger to really make progress.
  • In particular, the boundaries pushing us to “mono-theoretical studies” limit our understanding of family firms and their value creation (to further read about this topic, see our JFBS article: Link)

11th EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Research Management

Looking very forward to the 11th EIASM workshop on “family firm management research” in Lyon, May 29-30 2015 and feeling honored to give one of the two keynote speeches! The call for papers (extended abstracts) is now open. In this 11th edition, the focal theme of the workshop is “shifting boundaries in family firm research”.