Knowledge Transfer

Thrilled by the idea that research does not only have to be conducted in a rigorous way, but also needs to excel in terms of relevance and reach, I am also actively engaged in transfer of knowledge to practice.

In particular, I have recently worked on the following practice-oriented publications:

Family Business Groups in Germany

This German study investigates the entrepreneurial activities of wealthy German individuals and families. It first contains a descriptive analysis of the entrepreneurial activities of the 100 wealthiest Germans. Second, two examples of very successful German business families and their development over time are shown. Third, we summarize our observations on the success factors for building up a family dynasty.

Link to fulltext download: here (please click “pdf”; German only)

Succession in Swiss SMEs

This study is based on a large scale survey of more than 2000 owner-managers of Swiss SMEs who reflect on their business, their past and future business transfers, as well as on innovation and change in their company. Data for this study was collected in early 2013. The study is available in German, English, French, and Italian.

Link to fulltext downlad: here (please click on “pdf”; English version).

Practical advice on succession / entrepreneurial exit

Together with my colleagues at the Center for Family Business, Dr. Frank Halter and Sonja Kissling, I have authored several KMU Next reports on family business succession, such as succession from a process perspective, the role of family firm advisors, and overall challenges. Those publications (German only) are listed as “working reports” in my publication list — see here.

(Family firm) innovation

I have authored articles on family firm innovation published in Tharawat magazine (full article) as well as in the family business wiki (full article). A co-authored article on product development in the semiconductor industry has been published as part of the McKinsey whitepaper series (full article).

Keynotes and presentations

Moreover, I give keynote speeches and presentations that center around the topics of family firms, succession, advisors, and disruptive changes. Below is a list of recent practice-oriented talks which I gave.

  • 2015: EIASM 11th Workshop on Family Firms, Lyon, France. Keynote on “Beyond and across boundaries of family firm research: A call for deconstruction and relocation.” 2015-EIASM-Keynote-forshare.

  • 2015: Singe Family Office Forum, Zurich, Switzerland: Talk on wealth governance and family dynasties (German)
  • 2015: Transeo General Assembly, Liège, Belgium: Presentation of findings on how the advisor changes his or her role during the succession process (English)
  • 2015: Friedrichshafener Familienfrühling, Friedrichshafen: Workshop on family firm innovation (German)
  • 2014: WIR Forum Familienvermögen, Munich: Speech “From family business to family dynasty” (German)
  • 2014: AIJA/IBA (International association of young lawyers / international bar association) seminar, Berlin: Keynote on “Family firms around the world” (English)
  • 2014: AIJA/IBA seminar, Berlin: Invited talk on “Trusted advisors in family firms” (English)
  • 2014: Transeo conference, Brussels: Workshop on “Negotiations on business transfer – the role of emotional pricing” (English)
  • 2013: Engergiewirtschaft Schweiz. Keynote on “Business Model Innovation and Disruptive Change” (German)
  • 2013: IFERA conference, family business day; academic reflection on Martin Looser’s talk (English)
  • 2013: Familienunternehmen im Dialog, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland; Workshop on “Family firms and disruptive changes” (German)
  • 2012: KMU-HSG Circle, Zürich. Talk on “Family firms and adaptation to disruptive changes” (German)
  • 2011: Annual conference of international book scientists, Mainz; invited talk on “disruptive technologies in the book publishing industry”

Press coverage

  • Article on our AMR publication (“The family innovator’s dilemma”) featured in Forbes: R Blatt. Why Being A Family Business Made AC/DC The Most Consistent Brand In Rock N’ Roll. Forbes. 2014-04-30. (Link to article)
  • ZOE Article on “VUCA in management education”. Fit für die VUCA-Welt Neue Ansätze in der Management-Weiterbildung. OrganisationsEntwicklung 04/2015, pp. 15-20. with S Evenett, A Hiernomy, R. Höfliger, and S. Böhm
  • My HSG Focus article on innovation in family firms. N. Kammerlander. Breaking with or Adhering to Tradition? Innovation in Family Firms. HSG Focus 03/2015 (Link to article)
  • My article on succession and emotional value: N. Kammerlander. Unternehmensbewertung im Nachfolgefall – der emotionale Wert. SKO-Leader 04/2015, p. 15. Schweizer Kader-Organisation (SKO).
  • Article referring to our ETP publication on wealth governance. Structural differences. Family Office Global Magazine, Summer 2015, pp. 50-53.
  • Article referring to interview with me on family firm culture: Family firms worth trillions. HR magazine, p. 15, August 1, 2015.
  • Expert view published in Family Wealth Report on Family Dynasties: M. Bird and N. Kammerlander. University Academics Turn Gaze on Family Wealth And The Ubiquity of Dynasties. Family  Wealth Report, June 12, 2015.  (Link to article; behind paywall, contact me if interested in full article)
  • Blog article based on our AMJ publication (“Doing more with less…”): D. Bain. Family Firms are Champions on Innovation. Family Capital Blog, May 5, 2015 (Link to article)
  • Blog article based on our AoM Best Paper on storytelling and innovations in family firms: J. Hazlehurst. Why the Family Myth Matters. Family Capital Blog, April 2, 2015 (Link to article)
  • Article referring to our study of German family business groups: J. Friedrichs. Eine Klasse für sich. Zeit Magazin. March 12, 2015, pages 1-13. (Link to article)
  • Blog article based on our ETP publication on family wealth governance and interview with me: D. Bain. Families should KISS to preserve their wealth. Family Capital Blog, February 12, 2015 (Link to article)
  • Article based on our study of German family business groups: U. Lüdke. Wert schaffen. Warum überleben einige Familienunternehmen nur wenige Dekaden, während sich andere zu Dynastien entwickeln? Ein Erklärungsversuch. wir – das Magazin für Unternehmerfamilien, 01/2015, p. 41.
  • Article based on interview with me on SIKA and dual class shares: M. Allen. Sika bid tests Swiss takeover system. Swissinfo. 2014-12-16. (Link to online article)
  • Article based on interview with me on family firm performance: A. Janßen. Rendite mit Weitblick. Handelszeitung, October 31, 2014. p. 32-33.
  • Blog article based on interview with me on family firm performance: J. Hazlehurst. Do family firms have a magic ingredient? Family Capital Blog, October 9, 2014 (Link to article)
  • Interview on family firm succession: C. Renn. Nachfolger müssen sich beweisen. St.Galler Tagblatt, July 8, 2014 (link to online article).
  • Article based on interview with me on entrepreneurial exit: F. Ghelli. “Besitzer gesucht” –Nachfolgeplanung Wenn die eigenen Kinder kein Interesse an der Firma haben, gibt es mehrere Strategien. Handelszeitung, June 5 2014, p. 24-25.
  • Article on our study on German family business groups: A. Müller. Es lebe die Dynastie! Handelsblatt, March 17, 2014 .
  • Interview in “Unternehmer Edition” on family firm succession: N. Hofmann. „Es wird erschreckend wenig vorausschauend gestaltet“. Unternehmer Edition February 2014, p. 38-39. (link to article)
  • Summary of paper on organizational identity and change: Organizational Identity and Adaptation to Disruptive Change. Ideas for Leaders. November, 2013.
  • Article on findings of my dissertation thesis: J. Graven. Klarer Vertragsburch. Impulse – Das Magazin für Unternehmer 10/2012, p. 16-25.

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