FiFu Dachli – German speaking conference on family businesses

A great conference is over. In early March 2015, the FiFu Dachli conference for German family business scholars and practitioners took place. Amazingly, more than 80 participants, all interested in family firm research, made their way to Friedrichshafen. The first day was entirely dedicated to the junior faculty. Doctoral students discussed their research ideas and questions with more senior researchers of the field. Prof. Marc Gruber from EPFL gave some valuabe advice on how to publish family firm research in top journals. The second (and unfortunately last) day followed a “classical” conference approach with different talks and presentation. This year the conference was co-organized by Reinhard Prügl and myself. Next year, in March 2016, it will take place at the University of Siegen. For more information, see the conference website (German only).

New article on benefits and drawbacks of relying on advisors during family firm succession

What are the benefits of trusted advisor involvement during family firm succession? And what are the risks?

Succession is one of the most important but also most difficult parts in the family firm lifecycle. No wonder that many family firms build on the help of external trusted advisors such as lawyers, accountants or bank advisors, to help them managing the succession process. But what are the risks of such involvement? Under what circumstances are advisors beneficial and when are they detrimental? In our conceptual paper my co-author Alexandra Michel and I investigate this phenomenon in a paper forthcoming in Journal of Family Business Strategy.

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