Symposium on family firms in Graz

Keynote on succession
Keynote on succession

I am very delighted to give a keynote speech on “Talent, motivation, or family ties – what really counts in family firm succession” at today’s first ever family firm symposium in Graz.

The keynote can be downloaded following this Link: Symposium-Graz. (German only)

All data shown in the keynote are taken from the following study. KMU-Studie_2013_DE (German version). KMU-Studie_2013_EN (English version).

How can family firms motivate their employees to be innovative?

Employees are a key success factor for innovation – but how to motivate them?

Recent research showed that family firms are, on average, very innovative. But why is that? One reason provided by scholars is that employees in family firms feel especially encouraged to share their innovative ideas and implement them because of the particular “family firm culture.” So far, so good. But some of the readers might  wonder how exactly family firm owner-managers can motivate their employees to contribute to innovation. HSG-student, Johannes Netzhammer aimed to answer this question by integrating literature on family firms, innovation, and motivation. Here comes the summary of his excellent conceptual bachelor thesis (for references to original literature, please request the full text of the thesis):

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